Frequently Asked Questions

We love to welcome new members to FFBOS.  We have members of all ages and backgrounds. We are all big fans of musical theatre and we are friends both on and off the stage.

As well as putting on musicals each year, we have a concert, a Panto-in-Day, carol singing, a BBQ and a bunch of other social events to raise money for the society and for local charities.

If you'd like to be involved in one of our shows, please look at the show page to find out when auditions will be. 

For anything else, please scroll down to find the answers to the following questions...

What experience do I need?

Do I need to audition?

What are you looking for?

How do I audition for a show?

Do I need to audition for chorus?

How much does it cost?


What experience do I need?

It doesn't matter whether you've been treading the boards for years or you're brand new to performing.  Our members range from complete novices to theatre school graduates and even the occasional ex-professional!

We do ask that you can perform a song, act and that you can move on stage. Not everyone needs to be able to dance.


Do I need to audition?

We are very proud of our shows and have a good reputation.  Without wanting to scare people off, we ask all new members to audition for the society before auditioning for a show.  Before casting a show we have "pre-audition rehearsals" and we ask new members to audition during that period.

Please bring a song with a backing track or some sheet music, and we will ask you to read something from a previous show as an acting audition. You won't be ask to dance in a company audition but please let us know about any experience you have.


What are you looking for?

Not everyone has to be a leading man or lady, however we are looking for energy and personality on stage.  You should be able to perform your song to a small group of us and to have a go at reading a short scene.

It is great if you're a dancer, but if not we just ask that you can "move" ie. follow some simple choreography once you're in a show.


How do I audition for a show?

In order to audition for one of our shows, you must be a member of our company. That means you've done a company audition, we've accepted you and you have paid your £15 membership fee.

For each show there will be a set audition date and specific audition pieces will be set.  New members are welcome to audition for any part.


Do I need to audition for chorus?

Historically there's been no need to audition for chorus parts, however now that we are at the Dugdale theatre we only have a small stage so we are restricted on cast size.  Therefore it's likely that everyone who wants to be in the show will need to audition. This may vary from show to show.


How much does it cost?

Membership is £15 for the year, and the show fee is £100 for the 1st show in a year, and £80 for the second.

You can pay in installments if it's easier. These cover the costs of hiring the hall, the production team, and go towards the cost of putting on the show.  It is cheaper for students. 

Please note if you successfully audition as a new member but do not get into the show then we are happy to refund your membership fee. 

There is no need to audition for concerts. As long as you are a member of the society you can be in the concert.